People Reared in Dysfunctional Families

I group these folks into a general category because I have observed that the dynamics of dysfunctional families and the resulting developmental problems can be similar. That said, I do not treat people as “one size fits all” because I am fully aware that each person who wants to work through the negative effects of having been reared in a chaotic, perhaps abusive, family has had a unique experience. Because I do practice from a systems/family stance, I can help you to examine your family dynamics, identify what has been learned in the family, unlearn negative beliefs and behaviors, and work through whatever pain you are carrying with you. Finally, I have that learned some folks feel distant from their families and/or find themselves playing old, negative roles. If you make the decision to do so, I can help you to reintegrate into your families in a healthy and powerful way. However, this can be a difficult process.

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