Couples Counseling

I treat a wide spectrum of couples and their problems. I also do not differentiate between married and unmarried couples or heterosexual or same-sex couples. It has been my experience that the dynamics among these various couples configurations are largely similar.

What I have observed in my years of practice is that some of the following are frequently common among many couples who are experiencing distress:

  • One or both partners are not satisfied with the current state of their relationship.
  • The couple may or may not agree on the primary areas of concern.
  • Very often, the couple engages in “circular” arguments (i.e., having the same fight over and over again without resolution).
  • The couple often has difficulty effectively identifying and/or communicating their feelings to one another.
  • It may feel as if one partner is more invested in resolving relational issues than the other is.

What I will do to help is to listen carefully to both partners and help both partners define their particular areas of concern. I will then help the couple to develop a mutual agenda for therapy and assist them in staying focused on what both have agreed upon are important problems in the relationship. Finally, sometimes couples argue about day to day issues (e.g., chores, money, intimacy, etc.), and while these are important, the resulting conflict may reflect more basic emotional needs and/or expectations that are not being met. If I sense this, I will help the couple to address emotional issues that are blocking their ability to resolve concerns centering around daily tasks of living.

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